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My Creative Look

It does provide a simple, stylish, alternative to rolling up your sleeves. Click for full review

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These are dope. They make too much sense.

Kyle M.

Since first using FLXCUF, I've been noticing how often I need my pair when I don't have them on.

Kevin K.

I've actually been wearing button downs more often, just to wear FLXCUF.

Drew P.

These are brilliant. They're everything I could ask for.

Blake H.

Fold and Hold Sleeves in Place

No readjustments needed Once buttoned into your shirt cuffs, FLXCUF bands hold your sleeves in place when you roll them up.  Our patent pending design keeps you looking great, functional, and comfortable, while maintaining the integrity of your dress shirt.  

How It Works.

1. Button FLXCUF into shirt cuff. 2. Fold back shirt cuff once for a lighter grip; showing the "X".

3. Slide back sleeve to desired arm placement. 4. (Optional) Fold back cuff twice for a firmer hold.

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